Caroline Lobbin


Upcoming Events

Here is where you’ll find Caroline Lobbin’s upcoming events and details of how you can join in. Caroline Lobbin is currently in production of her next music video. Stay tuned!


Good Times

Caroline Lobbin is a trained vocalist who specializes in the alto/soprano range. She is very knowledgeable about and comfortable with music theory, which allows her to be an excellent songwriter and work with various musicians to produce beautiful songs. Her gift is one she has not taken for granted. Caroline works hard at her art every day, and she finds peace and joy in songwriting and development.
Performing before a live audience is icing on the cake to Caroline. She loves to perform live and she’s great at it!

Caroline has released several singles that are available for download on all streaming platforms (e.g. Amazon music, Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, iTunes).

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