Caroline Lobbin

Ways Music Can Help People Cope With Life

The image of a person crying while listening to a sad song while going through a tough time may seem like a cliche, but there is something generally relatable to it. Listening to music is often very emotional and personal, which is what makes it one of the best ways of understanding and coping with being human. Since music often reflects life, we benefit from it in several ways. I have made a list of some of them, and they include:

Music relates

Whether the song provides an upbeat rhythm, lyrical narrative or a sad chord progression , music is something that people can relate to. Great music invites the listener into a storyline that they’re familiar with. The music evokes a feeling of “this song was written about MY life.” When a listener feels connected to particular music, a strong bond is created that often becomes long lasting.

Music heals

Not only is music is an amazing way to help us understand and cope with the dramas of life, but music has the ability to heal. By “heal,” I am refering to both emotionally and physically. According to a published article by Harvard Medical School, music is a tool that has the power of boosting pain relief, reducing cancer treatment side effects, restoring speech, and improving the quality of life for individuals with dementia. In addition, it has been proven that music is of measurable advantage to patients who undergo painful procedures and surgeons looking to minimize stress while they work.
Listening to great music or attending a show may not look like a way of healing, but it definitely it is if you allow it to be. You may remember a Youtube video from 2012 where an elderly Alzheimer’s patient came became very alert when he heard music from his youth. For some people, music may be frivolous, but for others, it has proven to be extremely powerful!

Music can help us feel

Whether it is a song that helps pump up an athlete before a big game or an oldie but goodie you can always count on to help you feel better when you are feeling down, songs have the uncanny ability of inspiring emotion in people. There are many obvious examples of this, but similar to the ability for music to heal, there is a deeper scientific explanation. The feel-good hormone that floods our brain when we experience pleasure, called dopamine, is activated when we listen to music.

Music can help us escape

Music is an excellent way to slip into another universe. Similar to watching a movie or reading a novel, we look towards music as a way of escaping the stress of daily life. From students, office workers, contractors to subway riders, it is safe to believe that music helps millions of individuals to cope with the boring parts of life, and that’s one of the reasons it’s very important.

About Me

Hi there! My name is Caroline and I am an 11 year old actress, singer, and songwriter. I started acting when I was three years old, and professionally acting when I was seven. I currently take a professional, on-camera acting class every week at Gary Spatz’s The Playground. Acting is a huge part of my life, and it brings me so much joy.
I started taking formal voice lessons when I was five years old. I record my music at Capricorn Studios in San Diego. I like to record cover songs as well as my own original songs that I have written with my vocal and songwriting coach, Heidi Rojas.
When I was seven I started writing some silly songs and when I was eight, I wrote my first ever real song called Fake, Fake, Fake, about a lie someone spread that affected me. Then when I was nine, I was home A LOT during COVID-19 so I decided to write more songs! Ever since then, I have written 26 songs, some of which I have released. Please follow me @Carolinelobbin on all streaming platforms, YouTube and Instagram so you know when my new songs are released!