Caroline Lobbin

How to Improve Your Relationship With Children By Watching Movies Together

An easy and effective way for busy parents to improve their relationship with their kids is to watch movies together.   Movies can help create stronger bonds between parents and their children.

Families can discuss the different characters in the movies and many life experiences they face.  It is a great opportunity to discuss with our family these scenarios and how we may want to approach various situations in our own life.

Why Parents Should Watch Interesting Movies with Kids

It’s not always easy for parents to find ways to communicate with teenagers or kids, so watching and talking about movies with their children is an easy and effective way to improve the relationship.  It can also be a great way to spend time together. Let’s discuss how you can improve your relationship with your kids by watching movies

1.     You’ll have a better understanding of what your kids love.

Discussion is important for having that empirical contact with your child; otherwise, your child may be left alone with their experiences and nobody to talk through them with. It is important for parents and children to ask questions, share opinions, laugh, and grow together.

In case you wonder, what are the questions I should ask?  Just stick with the topics you’re interested in! You can ask your kids questions related to the plot of the movie or maybe the characters. Watching movies is a form of education and entertainment, so you can use the opportunity to ask serious questions about your child’s feelings regarding different subjects. You shouldn’t be shy because this is a chance to learn more about your kids and point them in the right direction. It is a gift to give your kids the attention and space to talk about their feelings and opinions.

2.     You can talk about delicate topics.

After the movie is an opportunity to talk about delicate topics. You can do this in the form of a game or form small groups and vote in favor or against a motion. Figure out what confused or impressed your child about the movie.

Remember that it’s difficult to establish a special communication atmosphere, particularly between an adult and a tween or teenager. Watching a movie together is a great way to try and achieve greater intimacy in a difficult relationship.

3.     You can both learn another language together.

A family can have an engaging experience of practicing another language by watching a foreign movie together. For instance, watching a popular family French movie is a great way to practice your French!

Discussing language and grammar while watching the movie can be valuable to family movie nights.  Everyone can tighten their family bond and boost their foreign language skills. It’s a fact that you release positive endorphins when you watch entertaining movies, and when everyone is happy their relationships grow stronger.

Everyone should take notes during the foreign language film so you can refer to them later!

Wrapping Up

It isn’t always easy for adults to connect with kids.  Watching movies and discussing them together is a great way to strengthen family bonds.  Watching movies is fun for everyone and can be activity the whole family looks forward to!

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